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iOS 10: discover all the new features of iMessage

O iMessage the most used iOS app

Wait, there is something wrong with that statement. Okay, maybe that phrase, published by 9to5Mac, reflects the reality of the United States. In Brazil, it is definitely not the overwhelming majority that owns an iPhone and can use the standard iOS messenger. The alternative, then, is to go to other messaging apps that are multiplatform like the constantly blocked giant WhatsApp, Telegram, among others.

As Apple focuses a lot on the American market, it is understandable that it has implemented many improvements in its messaging app. But, with so many news, there are those who are lost. Therefore, we will list the changes so that we can enjoy the new iMessage in the best possible way and, perhaps, even encourage Brazilian users to use the service with each other.

Links, videos and music

Inline video and audio in iOS 10 iMessage

A feature that was already present in Telegram also came to iMessage: previewing links. Previously, when sending links, only the address appeared, without any further information. Now, just paste a link in the message and the title and image will automatically appear (if it is a post) or the video itself on services like YouTube, Instagram and Vine. In these, it is possible to reproduce them within the messaging app itself (inline), but I missed the full screen feature (which already exists in Telegram, for example).

Fortunately, it is also possible to do this with music. The Apple Music application is already enabled, showing the most recent reproductions in the apps tab. These songs can be sent to the contact, who can hear the whole song (subscribers) or part of it (who is not yet a subscriber) in this case, a text is displayed encouraging the user to subscribe to the service. Likewise, other playback apps for example, the Smule karaok app incorporate their audio in iMessage.

Contact reading receipts

Individual read receipt in iOS 10 iMessage

IMessage has the option of sending a ?read receipt? a while ago. Now, you can choose who you want to enable or disable this option for. To do this, just touch the ?i? that appears next to the contact's name and photo (when you are in the conversation). Then, the screen shown above.

Group members

Group members in iOS 10 iMessage

To more quickly identify the members of an iMessage group, on iOS 10 you can see their name and photo at the top of the conversation. If the group has many members, just touch the ?i? to see all the members, name of the group, the general options of that group.

Interactive notification

Rich notifications for iOS 10 iMessage

Responding to messages directly from notifications was already a feature that has existed since iOS 8, but it was only possible to view a single message. On iOS 10, you can now see the entire context of the conversation. Just tap the notification and drag down or press the screen harder (3D Touch, if your device has the feature). Fortunately, interactive notifications are available for other messaging apps, not just in iMessage.

Speech balloons within conversation

Balloon message in iOS 10 iMessage

A really cool feature that came was speech bubbles when we viewed an app inside iMessage. That is, when you are in a conversation but some app or sticker is in full screen (occupying the entire screen), conversation balloons appear just below the contact's photo, as shown in the image above. It is true that the animation is very fast, but it is still cool.


Emojis have gained a lot of attention in this new version of iOS. Now, if you send up to three emojis alone (without text), they are three times bigger and loose (outside the conventional balloon).

Giant emojis in iOS 10 iMessage

Two other new features appeared to enhance the experience emojstica. The first is the prediction of emojis in writing. When you type words like "happy", "beach", "heart", "computer", etc., the related emoji appears in the preview bar next to other words.

Interacting with emojis in iOS 10 iMessage

In the second, we have the substitution of words for emojis. If you make a text and want to replace some words with emojis, change your keyboard to the emoji and "magically" the words that the system can make some kind of relationship with the drawings are highlighted in orange. When you tap on them, iOS will replace them with emojis if you have only one, it will automatically be replaced; if there is more than one option, one popup pops up.

Shipping Effects

Effects in iOS 10 iMessage

As we saw when iOS 10 was introduced, now we can also express ourselves through the effects of sending the message. Write a sentence and, instead of touching the arrow to send the message, tap and hold for a moment (or press further with the 3D Touch). Then a screen appears for you to choose the effects for the message balloon itself (impact, force, smooth or invisible ink) or full screen effects (send with balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks or shooting star). Remembering that the screen effects have sound; so be careful not to scare that little friend that doesn?t leave the phone in silence. ?

The balloons' full-screen effect can also be invoked with a few specific words. For now, only fireworks (type "Happy New Year"), balloons (balloons) and confetti can be called that, but I believe that something was lost in the translation of the terms. That is, with the English keyboard, all you have to do is write and send Congratulations and the confetti appears; likewise, write Happy Birthday and you see the balloons going up. In Portuguese, the balloons appear both if "Congratulations" and "Happy Birthday" are sent. Of course, we use ?congratulations? in various situations, but something should have been thought of to avoid ambiguity.

Note: some users may not be able to activate these effects when they press the ?Send? option. If you are experiencing this problem, follow these steps: v until General Settings Accessibility and leave the option Reduce Movement inactive (you may have to restart iPhone after that). Okay, everything should work now. ?


Tapback on iOS 10 iMessage

Sometimes it is not necessary to answer long texts to demonstrate how you felt about that message. For this, Apple made available in iMessage the Tapback, which are just a few reactions that you can add to speech bubbles. Double-tap or hold your finger for a few seconds on the message you want to send a reaction to and choose from the options I love, I like, I don't like, haha, two exclamations (!!) or a question mark (?).


Handwriting in iOS 10 iMessage

If you are in a conversation and turn your iPhone into landscape mode, it will automatically go to handwritten mode. You have a blank canvas and you can write, draw, do whatever you want and send it to the person. The most interesting thing is that, as you write, it really looks like ink on paper (the effect is very beautiful). Below the blank screen, you will also find several templates ready to be sent, in several languages.

Handwriting in iOS 10 iMessage

If you want to delete someone, you can press and touch the ?X?. Still in landscape mode, you can tap the keyboard icon to return to typing and, still in portrait mode, you will see a ?scribble? on the last key on the keyboard on which you can tap and return to handwriting mode (on iPad, this option remains even with the screen in portrait mode).

Camera and photos

The camera interface has also changed in iOS 10 iMessage. Copying Reminding Telegram a lot, when you touch the camera icon in the conversation to reveal the ?live? image of the camera and, touching anywhere on that screen, you take pictures ( that are in the ?draft?).

Cameras and photos in iOS 10 iMessage

Next to the live image, there are some other photos taken previously. Swiping to the right, you have the option of going to your photo library or the Cmera app, so that you can control all the features.

Cameras and photos in iOS 10 iMessage

The added photos are not automatically sent to the person, but this is great because you have the opportunity to edit or remove them by touching the "x" in the corner. If the photo is a Live Photo, you can turn the effect on / off by touching the icon that appears in the left corner of the photo.

Tagging on photos

Making markups on iOS 10 iMessage

Just as you can in the Photos app, you can now edit and tag photos without leaving the Messages app. To edit, the process as in any other app (select ?Edit? and cut, select filters, etc.). To make markups, there are two ways: taking a photo on the spot and tapping it in your draft or choosing one from the image picker. When the photo appears, tap ?Marking? and then you can draw, write and use the magnifying glass to highlight something in the photo. If you like the result, tap on ?Save?; otherwise, tap ?Cancel? or the arrow that appears next to undo the last action.

Digital Touch

Digital Touch on iOS 10 iMessage

O Digital Touch first arrived for the Apple Watch and now also for iMessage. By touching the icon (which is a heart and two fingers), you have access to this feature. It allows you to send some gestures to your contacts in a more logical way. On the left appears the selected color option and a camera icon; in the middle we have a black screen (where you make the gestures / drawings); and on the right side we have a small shortcut showing you the possible gestures, which are these:

  • Drawing: draw with a finger;
  • Touch: touch with a finger;
  • Fire ball: press with one finger;
  • Kiss: touch with two fingers;
  • Beats: touch with two fingers and hold;
  • Broken heart: touch and hold with two fingers, then drag down.

Digital Touch on iOS 10 iMessage

In the drawing, touch the color option to see the seven options; if you want one that is not in that group, touch and hold for a moment on top of any of these colors to appear a circular palette with more options.

Something interesting at least seemed more useful than the other gestures to the possibility of making markings while taking pictures or recording a video. On the main screen of Digital Touch, select the video icon (it also appears in the lower left corner when the Digital Touch with expanded screen). So, you see the camera image and color options just above. For a photo, you can draw and make those same gestures both before and after taking the photo; already in the video, you can tag before or during what is really cool, since the tag appears at the exact moment you made it, but it is not possible to tag after it was recorded. Videos only support up to 10 snapchatcos seconds. Then, you can send in the blue arrow below the image or discard it in the arrow that appears in the upper left corner of the image.

Digital Touch on iOS 10 iMessage

As soon as the photos and videos are viewed, they begin to ?play?; by default, the video comes on silent, but by touching the audio icon, you can hear the recording. It is also good to remember that all photos and videos of Digital Touch they will only be available for two minutes after being viewed. If you want to keep the files on your device, tap on the ?keep? option that appears below them.

IMessage App Store

As soon as you enter a conversation in iMessage, you see that familiar App Store icon next to the writing field. Touching it, one of the enabled apps already appears on the half screen, and by dragging sideways, we can interact with the other apps. It is also possible to enlarge the screen to see the options of the app better by touching the arrow in the lower right corner.

Store inside iOS 10 iMessage

In the lower left corner, there is a cone of four balls; playing there, we access all the apps we have. We can run them from there or touch and hold one of them to rearrange or remove them from iMessage.

Store inside iOS 10 iMessage

The first option on this list of apps is the store icon; tapping there, you see a screen very similar to the one we are used to seeing in the conventional App Store, that is in the ?Featured? tab. In the ?Manage? tab, you can enable or disable an iMessage app. And here is a note: there are two types of applications in iMessage: those that are suitable for them (which, therefore, only appear in the iMessage environment) and other applications that are installed on the system itself and have integration with iMessage. In the first case, removing or disabling an app, it disappears from the device; in the second case, it is only disabled in the ?Manage? tab, but the app is still installed on the device. So, don't be surprised if you install any app on iMessage and it appears on your Home Screen that indicates that it is the second type of app.

For you to install apps that you don't see in the Featured tab, tap on search and do the whole process we already know to install them.


Stickers in iOS 10 iMessage

The stickers they can be sent as a loose message or you can ?highlight? them and stick them on top of some speech bubble. In the first option, you choose what you want to send, touch it and send; in the second, you touch it for a few seconds and drag it to the balloon in which you want to place it. The effect is really cool too, it looks like a figure being cool. ?

Stickers in iOS 10 iMessage

The stickers can be placed either on a balloon of the other contact or on your own and several of them can be added, not just one. To remove any glue, just press for a moment until the ?Sticker Details? option appears (which is funny, since Apple itself chose to leave the name "Stickers") to appear a list of all stickers that balloon. The ?View? option takes you to the item in the App Store and, dragging to the left, the ?Delete? option appears. It is possible to do this procedure both with stickers yours and those of your contact.


Access to the camera, Apple Pay and other resources has opened up possibilities for new interactions in iMessage. For example, we can find so much stickers as for apps and even games! inside the messenger. I like to joke saying that this is very reminiscent of the late MSN Messenger because it was possible to chat and play at the same time. In iMessage, this takes place in "shifts": every time you play, you "send" your game to your friend and, when he is ready, touch the game and make your move. I have had a lot of fun with the word game Words With Friends.


When someone submits a game or any app interaction that you don't have, a shortcut appears to get or subscribe to it (in the case of services like Apple Music, for example, quoted there at the beginning of the article).

IOS 10 iMessage Assignments

This, of course, makes things a lot easier for those who want to interact with the app / game / service.

· · ·

When these news were presented to us, everyone had a feeling of ?what for??. Still, it is quite interesting to be able to try every feature of it even though, in practice, you don't use so many of them.

On a related note, I really hoped Apple would improve the audio of recordings in iMessage, let's face it, that horrible quality! Regardless, we hope that these tips have been enlightening and that you can make the most of the brand new messenger! ?