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Including tablets, the PC market may “grow” more in 2011 than just computers

It is not today that analysts see something bad in the growth of the computer market: after all, the presence of tablets everywhere is decreasing their chances of obtaining greater interest from users and, consequently, greater profit. Demand for common PCs is so worrying that Morgan Stanley today revised its estimates for this year, after seeing a 2% drop in first quarter sales.

Morgan Stanley on the PC in 2011

Looking at the history above, we can see that the worst moment in the industry in the last three years occurred in the North American financial crisis of 2009. After two years, the sales potential reached a negative value close to those seen at that time, which certainly worrying.

According to analyst Katy Huberty, there is still the possibility that the PC market will grow by 2% by the end of 2011. The problem is that the sum of tablet sales that some surveys are making leaves things distorted in the minds of investors. In these cases, the growth potential of the sector can be six times greater, which is not an indicator of growth, but of cannibalization in the sales of personal computers.

Morgan Stanley on the PC in 2011

Apparently, Apple is not concerned about this for two reasons: first, it produces the flagship product in the new tablet segment; second, the Mac has shown steady growth when dismembered from the rest of the industry. On the other hand, other technology giants have already begun to feel the impact of the lack of vision beyond the traditional PC, including Microsoft.

(via AppleInsider)