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In an interview, Michael Dell says he “did not notice the arrival of tablets”

After a long journey in the computer market at the helm of a technology giant named after his own surname, Michael Dell admitted to the Wall Street Journal which still finds reasons to be surprised by what the market is capable of transforming into success. Proof of this is the iPad itself, the first tablet that really burst around the world.

Dell said he did not expect tablets to grow rapidly one day. I didn't notice them coming, he said, remembering that this is not an entirely new segment. Obviously, newer products have become more successful, he says.

For the future, just as the iPhone was overtaken by Android, Dell believes that the iPad will be, too. For him it will not be tomorrow, nor the day after tomorrow, but everyone who spoke about the Google operating system with skepticism in the past bit the language: the device distribution strategy based on it appears to be the most efficient for global reach, so the market of tablets will certainly benefit from that.