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IMessage's App Store already has more than 1,650 apps; 75% of them, stickers

Apple deposited in the iMessage one of its main files for the success of iOS 10. The new iteration of its native messenger came absolutely packed with news, as we detailed earlier today, and one of the main ones was the presence of its own App Store, with extras to customize and improve the application usage experience.

Well, if the initial numbers are indicative of something, Tim Cook and his team can already burst the sparkling wine, because the IMessage App Store, in two weeks of life, already has more than 1,650 applications available! The numbers are from the analysis firm Sensor Tower.

To put all this in perspective, suffice it to say that the messenger store's debut far outperforms that of the iPhone itself (with just over 500 apps) and that of the iPad (1,000 apps) only behind, for now, the debut from the Apple Watch App Store, which opened with more than 3,500 applications.

Of course, I'm not saying that the new iMessage and its app store will be a complete revolution in the world of mobile computing, as was the introduction of the original App Store in 2008. Not the same, not least because of these 1,650 apps available, 75% of them (1,251 apps, more specifically) are fun, but harmless stickers (stickers).

Types of apps on the iMessage App Store

Going into the specifics a little, of these 1,251, only 307 are free packages and the other 944, 86% cost US $ 1, 12% cost US $ 2, 1% go for US $ 3 and only one package in the entire store charges US $ 4. Speaking of the other 402 applications that are not stickers, most of them (91, to be more exact) are mini-games.

What the numbers do not say, of course, which of these packages and apps users are downloading the most. This data will be instrumental in predicting what Apple's next steps will be with iMessage, which, after all, is already becoming a platform in its own right.

(via TechCrunch)