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IMessage GIF search returns pornographic and Nazi content; Apple is already solving

There is no release of a new version of iOS that escapes controversy. But this one, let's face it, is a little different from the type of crisis we are used to.

Among the countless new features of the new iMessage on iOS 10 (emojis!), One of the coolest to GIF search inline; the feature allows you to search millions of famous animated images using keywords without leaving your chat window and send the contents to your contacts immediately. Something similar to what Telegram has been doing for some time, with the cliché.

The search engine based on Bing technology and, as expected in the sanitized and closed world of Apple, words with low calluses or potential to target ?sensitive? content have been blocked since the beginning. The controversy started, however, when GIFs beyond doubtful began to appear in the search for everyday words.

The word Butt (?Butt?), for example, returned this profanity of the magicians My Little Pony the GIF is not complete, but, anyway, get the kids out of the room:

Pornographic GIF of My Little Pony

Then, users noticed more improper content in the application. The search for "Huge" (?Huge?), for example, returned well, you can imagine what. Other harmless words also started to show GIFs with heavy pornographic content and the like, which, as you might imagine, raised the last hair on the back of Tim Cook's neck.

Things got even worse when Nazi GIFs started to appear in the search with words like "Power" ("Power") and "Hitler".

Apple is working very fast to remove all inappropriate results from its application and to increase the list of "non-binding" words (that is, that do not return any results), but the controversy, of course, has already settled. Ma has not yet commented on the case, but has shown no signs that it will disable the appeal until a deeper resolution of the problem.

In the meantime, be careful what you are looking for and keep your phone away from children.

(via Gizmodo)