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IBM solution allows developers to employ Swift as a server language

The once unlikely partnership of Apple with the IBM continues to bear extremely positive fruits for the computing world. Today, Ma's former archrival announced that Bluemix Runtime, its solution for application development server, have Swift 3.0 support, allowing developers around the world to take advantage of the modern language created by Apple.

Partnership between IBM and Swift

Effectively, what this novelty provides is that developers use Swift not only to create the applications we use, but also the ?back? part of them: the servers where these apps run now can also be built in the same language, making it easier the work and gaining performance improvements in the process. Developers will also have access to the company's support and cloud structure, making everything even more attractive.

Speaking Computerworld, IBM executive Mike Gilfix stated that ?Swift is ready for the corporate market?, further stating:

Apple is creating very smart digital experiences and I believe they know that good digital experiences mean spreading tons of innovation to the community as a whole. Swift is one of the drivers for a first-class experience in the mobile world. It has an incredible energy from the developers around it and Apple has made it their focus.

As expected, the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift only became possible once Apple decided to open the code for its programming language and make it accessible to other companies and all developers around the world. world. More information about the announcement can be obtained from the IBM developer website.

(via 9to5Mac)