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High-level developers would already have access to iPhones 4 equipped with A5 processor

The new A5 processor that equips the iPad 2 has increased the graphic performance of the Apple tablet by up to nine times, and you don't have to be a psychic or have acquaintances working at Foxconn to imagine that the next iPhone (whenever it is released) will come with this chip dual-core.

Apple A5 processor

To confirm what does not need confirmation, however, the 9 to 5 Mac heard from its sources that Ma would have supplied iPhones 4 equipped with the A5 processor to certain developers focused on high-level games. Looking from the outside, these gadgets would be exactly identical to the smartphone that is in stores today, their only difference being the most powerful processor, so much so that they were dubbed "iPhones 4S".

It must be stressed that this does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 5 will be identical to the current one, except for the CPU: at least one more powerful camera and one baseband global are expected. Anyway, it's good to know that developers are already optimizing their apps to take advantage of Ma's next smartphone.