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Hacker demonstrates jailbroken iPhone 6s with unlocked NFC chip

Since 2014, in the 6/6 Plus generation, iPhones have a chip NFC embedded. The problem that, well there Apple, access to it totally blocked. NFC on the iPhone is only for Apple Pay.

Dissatisfied with this, the hacker Elias Limneos [@limneos] did jailbreak on an iPhone 6s and managed to unlock his NFC chip so that it works with any device equipped with the technology. See the video demonstration:

As the jailbreak has lost a lot of strength in the last few years, it turns out that it serves only as a curiosity / proof of concept like that framework which enables the use of a mouse on the iPad, which we showed here on the website the day before yesterday.

Apple claims, of course, that leaving NFC closed on the iPhone makes it more secure and contributes to the reliability of Apple Pay. It makes sense, but it is also understandable that some consumers are outraged by this exacerbated control that Apple has over certain things even more considering the price we pay for iPhones.

Limneos intends to carry out further tests with its solution and, subsequently, release it for those who want to experiment.

via 9to5Mac