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Foxconn to assemble up to six million iProducts units in Brazil per year, according to investor

The long series of rumors about Foxconn's investment in Brazil won another chapter yesterday, with the "confirmation" that Apple representatives would have visited the country in February to sign a protocol of intentions on the assembly of Apple equipment in Brazil. So Paulo State. Details on the matter were revealed by the president of Investe So Paulo, Luciano Almeida, Online Value.

iPads in Brazil

Within the terms signed for the first phase of Foxconn's new operations in Brazil, there are commitments to assemble iPads and iPhones in a new facility dedicated to housing only Apple products. The location of the new factory is being analyzed based on the benefits offered by different regions of São Paulo and should be announced in the coming weeks, but only five or six cities would be on the list of candidates from Taiwan, that is, any possibility of sending the project is ruled out. to Rio de Janeiro.

In this first half, Almeida stated that it is possible to start the first assembly operations in Brazil later this year, employing up to 5,000 people. ?There will be no production. Foxconn will be a product assembler, ?he said, claiming that the new plant will reach its maximum production capacity in up to four years. When this occurs, up to 6 million iProducts per year, without excluding the possibility of assembling Macs in a second moment.

For the future, other Foxconn initiatives are being considered. Among them, there would be the plans to centralize the company's national operations in a single installation and the construction of an assembly line for crystal screens. Depending on the technology employed, only the last project mentioned would require an investment of up to $ 7 billion.