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For analyst, Intel should produce processors used by Apple in iGadgets

Intel AtomFor some tech giants, keeping up with the shift in focus from the tech market to mobile devices hasn't been as exciting as it could be. Perhaps Intel is the best example of a company in this situation: its performance with the Atom platform did not perform as it should, especially to contain the plethora of devices (including Apple's) with different types of processors based on ARM designs.

Currently, the situation of Chipzilla it can be summed up very well with a phrase said today by Gus Richard to PiperJaffray investors. ?Intel does not have market share in the next wave of computing, ?he commented, then reinforcing that she should consider making processors for Apple gadgets running iOS.

The idea, however, goes against what Ma has been practicing. Not even the Apple TV, which in its early generations was based on Intel hardware, has escaped a transition to the A4, a chip developed by hardware engineers in Steve Jobs' own class. With this initiative, she has saved a lot in relation to investing in the Atom line processors, as she only needs to pay for the assembly of her CPUs, a task that until then was delegated to Samsung, but that should pass to TSMC later this year.

Apparently, one of Intel's last opportunities to score in mobile systems and gadgets is in the hands of Microsoft, which has been developing a Windows version for hardware based on SoCs (systems on a chip) like Atom. However, it must compete for the attention of manufacturers with ARM, just as things are already in the current handset market. D to imagine who will win the fight (again)?