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Flowing is the newest “Free App of the Week”, enjoy!

Every Thursday, Apple chooses an iOS app or game as its own Free app of the week. Today the app was selected Flowing.

Flowing ~ Meditation in Nature app icon

It is an app totally focused on meditation for you to improve your sleep, your focus and your productivity. There are several sounds available, as varied as possible, that help you to relax and forget (even for a few minutes) of daily problems.

The app has six scenes of water flowing (with 3D sounds), three musical works by composer David Bawiec, three meditation guides created by the Australian Lua Lisa, timer for medication and sleep, option to mix the sound (music, rain, rain in the tent and birds), illustrations by Marie Beschorner, 3D scenarios with parallax effect that can be controlled and more.

See a little of how the app works in this video:

the first time Flowing is free, so enjoy! ?