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#epicFAIL: MacBooks Pro with defective NVIDIA GPUs are replaced with Compaqs CQ-56

Imagine what to buy a MacBook Pro and it has a defective GPU. That bad, right? Now imagine that justice has ordered that your loss be repaired. Yay! That's good, right? Now imagine that this repair comes in the form of a Compaq CQ-56.

Swapping a Mac for a PC? What kind of justice is that ?!

Well, a judge determined that the machine chosen to replace MacBooks Pro has the same or better performance and is capable of running an advanced operating system (Windows 7). Let us completely ignore the fact that the people who are supposed to benefit from this decision are going to have to make a whole migration to the Microsoft operating system and, in the process, lose all applications that had something that could add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars! Before it was just a matter of fanboyism : – /

Now the question remains: who is the most inept in this story? The judge, who doesn?t know the difference between a Mac and a PC, or NVIDIA, who didn?t see to it that his customers received adequate computers in the process of replacing machines?

(via Electronist)