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Elections 2016: these apps will help you before, during and after the vote

The first round of Eleies 2016 It will happen on the 2nd of October, next Sunday, and you need to be very prepared to choose the next mayor and councilors in your municipality.

For this, we have compiled applications that help you before, during and after the voting process!

Note: even so, as a mother, I feel I have a duty to remind everyone that * it is forbidden * to take cell phones or cameras to the polling booth. ?

Candidate news and information

Fortunately, technology provides us with information that we probably would not have access to before. With the apps below, you can read news about the elections and also learn more about the candidates.

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This IBOPE app shows you the intentions of mayors' votes by city. In addition, it is possible to see the graph of mayors filtered by income, education, age and also the approval survey of the current mayor. Although I don't have many city options, unfortunately (I didn't find mine), the most famous ones are present. It is also possible to filter the news by city, although there are also not so many options.

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This app from Twitter it contains several news about the most famous cities, some videos of debates and research. In the "Candidates" tab, it is possible to search for candidates and obtain some electoral data (party, number, etc.) and personal data (level of education, main occupation, etc.). In the ?Minha Cola? option, you research and select your candidates to help when voting.

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This official app of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), so it's here. In it, it is possible to consult various information of the candidates by city and positions. Even so, the app crashes several times and the dimensions are not all correct at least on iPhones with a 4-inch screen.

Meu Voto app icon - Projeto Brasil

This app was the only one that I really found what I would like to see: proposals from the mayors! Unfortunately, very few cities are available, but check the list if your city is there and download the app because it's great. It is possible to see the profile of the candidates with some information and their proposals for different areas. It is also possible to "compare" candidates' proposals and do a "blind test", that is, the proposal appears on the screen without naming the candidate and you give stars as you think relevant or not. That done, the candidate for that proposal appears on the screen.

Electoral process information

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This TSE app helps voters to clear up any doubts about the electoral process. In addition to a tab for news and another for relevant videos, you also have TSE contact numbers in several states.

Mesário app icon

If you have been summoned to be a mediator in these Elections, take the opportunity to take a look at this app! In it, you can see various information relevant to the entire process during the Election day. Even if you have been a board member before, it is always good to have the information for consultation by the app, in an organized way. You can still test your knowledge with a quiz.

Counting of votes

After you have already exercised your citizenship and voted for your candidates, you can download these two apps (the first being the TSE official) to check the results and track the count!

Results app icon

Sorry, app not found.

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Good vote for all of us! ?