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Do you want to spend R $ 90,000 on a copy of the Apple Watch, only without the smart part? Now you can

Let me start this article by making it very clear that I am not the most appropriate person to write it. I never understood this admiration of some by the world of haute horlogerie; something that, personally, I always saw as pure capitalist masturbao, if you forgive me for the term.

On the other hand, smartwatches they also never filled my eyes, they are, in my view, very large, ugly and unnecessary. Not least that my watch has been used every day for five years, a 29 Euro swatch for women is the smallest and most discreet I have ever managed to find.

What to say, therefore, about a piece of watchmaking that costs approximately R $ 90 thousand and modeled basically as a copy of Apple Watch product that can be praised for a number of factors, but has never been considered a masterpiece of design, but without all the smart part that made Ma's accessory famous? Why yes, my friends and my friends, it exists.

Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz

Your brand H. Moser is launching this month a new model called Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz How nice, a little more which is inspired by the lines of the Apple smartwatch, from the square black face to the stainless steel body. Instead of the hundreds of internal components between processor, sensors, battery and connectors, however, we simply have a 100% mechanical watch capable of preserving the load for four days without movement.

To say that the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz (note the name well) is only a shamefully expensive copy of the Apple Watch, however, would be an oversimplification. In a way, we can classify it more as a response from high watchmaking to a segment that is threatening its space even though, in my view, the two markets cannot be more different.

Note the slight clout directed at smart watches in the H. Moser release statement:

Behind its contemporary design, there is a 100% mechanical watch. The black face that is not only a signature, like any strictly minimalist indicators. In this model, there is no interface: the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz is designed to show the time, something it does beautifully. It looks simple and. () In cold electronic response of the connected clocks, H. Moser presents the soul of mechanical watchmaking. With a minimum load reserve of four days, fully rechargeable by hand, he couldn't be further from the world of smartwatches.

As strange as it sounds to me to produce a watch that is basically a statement copying what he intends to criticize, well, est. The Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz come in two versions, one with a completely black face and one called "Funky Blue", with a blue design. Each of them has only 20 units produced and, in the best spirit ?look how exclusive I am?, come with an inscription that says ?1 in 20?.

Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz

The price for this game? According to Bloomberg, $ 26,900 approximately R $ 90,000 or, if you prefer, the exact price of 100 units of the cheapest Apple Watch Series 1 (or 40 units, here in Brazil) I am sure that this was also not on purpose.

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Still talking about revoltingly expensive things that serve purposes related to measuring the human concept of time and that could be accomplished with instruments thousands of times less expensive, the designer Marc Newson, figurine stamped on Apple and one of the main names behind the Apple Watch project, presented his new creation: a Hourglass.

Marc Newson's hourglass for Hodinkee

Of course, we are not talking about any hourglass, it at least has a very elaborate name: Marc Newson Hourglass for Hodinkee built with a single piece of borosilicate glass and, internally, instead of sand, we have 1,249,966 stainless steel ?nanobeads? with a copper coating.

Only 100 units of magic and revolutionary Newson's hourglass will be produced 6 of which have already been sold, each costing $ 12,000, or approximately R $ 40,000. Oh, before I forget, the piece takes ten minutes each turn, which serves to, I don't know, measure the exact time of your boiled eggs if you like the firm yolk.

It is also worth taking the R $ 40,000 and buying some 100,000 eggs to feed those who are hungry, but who am I to say what each one does with their money, anyway?

via AppleInsider