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Consumer Reports tries to end the controversy: white iPhone 4 is no longer thick

When we thought it couldn't get any worse Thicknessgate! There are reports that the (late) iPhone 4 white would be thicker than the black model, so that certain cases could become incompatible.

In the face of yet another scandal involving Apple, Consumer Reports could not be left out and, surprisingly, the conclusion drawn by the magazine's tests was favorable to what Phil Schiller would have said via DM: both measurements with a digital caliper and cases from various brands proved that both iPhones, both the snow and the plane , are of equal size.

Measuring iPhones thickness - Consumer Reports

time to go for Occam's Razor: what is the most likely explanation for all this? Is the white iPhone 4 something thicker than the older models, perhaps because it uses thicker layers of paint, or is this just a vacillation in quality control, which let ?fat? units reach the market?

I imagine that the second option is more likely and could even offer a parallel market for thick white iPhones valued according to their standard deviation. And you, what do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments!

(via BGR)