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Company triples reward and offers $ 1.5 million for iOS 10 jailbreak

A year ago, the security firm ZERODIUM dominated news by offering $ 1 million for a jailbreak of iOS 9. Weeks later, she confirmed that a team won the award by handing it a jailbreak remote (executable via browser) and untethered iOS 9.1 / 9.2 (which, it?s worth noting, has nothing to do with the Chinese solution from PanGu).

After that, ZERODIUM defined a new reward of less than US $ 500 thousand for a jailbreak of the latest version of iOS. Now that we have 10 in hand and she has been able to verify all the advances made by Apple in security, this amount has been nothing less than tripled: ZERODIUM will pay $ 1.5 million by a remote solution and untethered based on zero-day exploit of Ma's mobile operating system.

Just to give you an idea of ??the discrepancy, ZERODIUM?s reward for a jailbreak Android 7.0 remote ?Nougat? has also increased: from $ 100,000 to $ 200,000. ?

In the case of ZERODIUM, these solutions are subsequently sold / distributed within corporations and governments. Her idea is not to obtain the path of the stones to make a public and free tool available to everyone, obviously.

It is worth remembering that Apple itself also started offering rewards for security breaches in its systems / services this year, but the amount paid for it is infinitely less than that proposed by ZERODIUM.

(via Motherboard)