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Check out a series of details / news about the new iMacs, which have already won an update to Boot Camp

Okay, now that everyone already knows about the arrival of the new iMacs and their main news announced by Apple, it's time to take a closer look and highlight other interesting things about these little machines.

Check out what we found below.

SSD can be combined with HDD

We commented earlier that the hard drives of the new iMacs can be replaced by solid state drives, but we have not yet seen the details of this and such customization can even be done by the Brazilian Apple Online Store.

Storage on new iMacs

Depending on how much the customer is willing to pay, it is even possible to configure the machine with a 2TB HDD + 256GB SSD hybrid, in which the operating system and its applications are installed, evidently aiming at a higher performance in terms of performance.

Graphics chipset up to 2GB

icon - AMD Radeon (graphics chipset)

The high-end model of the new iMac already comes with a phenomenal graphics chipset, but for R $ 350 it can be upgraded to an AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2GB of GDDR5 option before it was available on Macs Pro.

Here's what Apple says about it:

The AMD Radeon HD 6970M is the most advanced graphics processor developed by AMD, combining high graphic quality, performance and high speed for the presentation of all visual elements. The AMD Radeon HD 6970M allows you to display more frames per second, with absolutely fantastic digital video quality. Game-loving users will love the advanced architecture of the AMD Radeon HD 6970M with support for DirectX 11 and scalable geometric processing. In other words, you will have an experience that no other computer can offer: images and graphics of the highest quality, high performance and an environment for games never seen before.

Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad option

Perhaps the Apple website leaves this a little confusing, but the fact that now, when purchasing an iMac, the customer decides whether he wants a Magic Mouse * or * a Magic Trackpad.

Apple Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse side by side

If you want both, in Brazil, I need to pay an additional R $ 280.

Support for two simultaneous external displays

If the 27 ? screen of the new iMac with its 2560 × 1440 pixels is not enough for you, know that it is now possible to connect in one, but two external displays in full quality, using the new Thunderbolt / Mini DisplayPort ports.

Thunderbolt ports on the back of the iMac

That is, with a pair of 27 ? LED Cinema Displays lined up around the iMac, you would basically have 81 inches of screen to play with. Surreal.

Oh, of course: just connecting an external display, the second Thunderbolt is still free for use on any type of peripheral and one of the advantages of the interface is that it supports chains of connected devices, that with just one port you can connect up to six different devices and use them without any problem on your Mac.

Ah, do you want to see this working? Here is a video:

Target Display mode is still available

Since 2009, Apple has allowed users to use the Mini DisplayPort to turn the iMac into an external monitor, thus discarding its other internal components. Although the related support article has not been updated with reference to the new iMacs, Apple has already confirmed that this feature is still available from Thunderbolt.

Upgrade to Boot Camp

cone - Boot CampBelieve it or not, the first update for these new machines is now available: Boot Camp 3.2 Update for iMac (early 2011) fixes problems with Japanese and Korean keyboards on iMacs released today.

The update weighs 638KB and requires Windows 7.

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