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Canalys: even with the iPad, Apple falls to the fourth position among the largest PC manufacturers in the world

In January of this year, a survey by Canalys considered Apple to be the third largest PC maker in the world thanks to the success of the iPad during the end of 2010, mainly in Christmas sales. However, with the drop in the pace of computer sales and the transition from the first generation of the tablet to the second, the company was unable to maintain the pace of growth and fell to fourth position in the numbers this quarter.

Canalys and sale of iPads

The inclusion of iPads in the computer account sold by Apple gave it 9.5% of the PC market in the first quarter of 2011, leaving Dell with a considerable advantage of 1.8 percentage points in third place. However, Ma maintained a strong annual growth of almost 188%, offsetting the 31% drop in its sequential performance.

In Canalys' numbers, about 6.4 million tablets were sold, most of them iPads. The Apple product dominated 74% of the segment, a number that is expected to grow in the following surveys thanks to the absurd success of its second generation.