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By 2020, tablets are expected to generate 17% of global demand for wireless data

As sales of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets grow every day, Cisco is optimistic about the global demand for its wireless products and technologies. Published in its latest global index on the use of wireless networks, the study points out that tablets consume about 405MB of data per month, on average, while smartphones transfer only 79MB in the same time interval. The consumption of both categories is expected to grow at a very fast pace, mainly due to the services of streaming multimedia promised for this and the coming years.

Cisco over Wi-Fi

So much so that a Goldman Sachs survey predicts an increase of 30% per year in the use of tablets connected to the web, making the worldwide need for wireless data grow exponentially. By 2020, the new category of mobile devices (practically) inaugurated by the iPad will require 17% of the global capacity of wireless networks, with the individual use of bandwidth estimated at 20GB per month.

The main question to be raised in these surveys is whether broadband services and cell phone networks will be able to grow to the point of supporting such user demand, which will depend even more on an ubiquitous connection to the web. Only between this and the next year, the capacity of these networks should suffer to support a 300% increase in the sale of tablets, predicted by Goldman.

(via Cult of Mac)