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Benchmarks of the new 27 ″ iMac show that it outperforms even previous generation BTO configurations

And we are following the same path: after they were launched, we already checked out more details about the new iMacs, commented by analysts and saw their insides in the disassembly of iFixit. Now, time for the first benchmarks!

The staff of Macworld quickly put your hands on a 27 inch model, with 3.1GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB 7.200PM hard disk and AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics chipset with 1GB of memory. Here are the results:

Benchmark of the new iMacs

As you can see, the new machine even surpassed BTO configurations (Built-To-Order, that is, customized) of the previous generation of the iMac, losing, among the models listed, only for a Mac Pro of 2010.

Overall, according to data from the Speedmark 6.5, the new iMac is an average of 16% faster than the old standard high-end configuration of the all-in-one Mac.