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Asian sources give new clues about 10.5 ″ iPad and new “iPhone 8” OLED screen

We here at we don't usually pay much attention to rumors published by DigiTimes, which are almost always based on Apple supply chain sources in Asia. However, when the releases are imminent, the information brought by them is more unusual.

Today, in two separate subjects, they brought new clues first about the rumored 10.5-inch iPad: Apparently, Apple would be accelerating the production of the new tablet, which would have started originally since March or April. By July, the pace is expected to reach 600,000 units monthly and the forecast of 5-6 million devices sold in 2017.

The information may give weight to the betting of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities, who said last week he believes in the launch of this new iPad in the keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 scheduled for June 5.

O DigiTimes also mentions that Apple would be preparing to start mass production of a new version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and that the newly launched ?new? 9.7-inch iPad (which arrived in Brazil yesterday, say itself) has everything to contribute to the end of the iPad mini, as a rumor brought a few days ago by BGR.

In another report today, the DigiTimes talked about the "IPhone 8" bringing supposed details about your new OLED screen. According to information obtained by them, the supplier TPK Holdings would have set a value of US $ 18-22 for the 3D Touch module responsible for the pressure sensitivity of the touchscreen that Apple will use on its next iPhone, a significant leap from the US $ 7-9 charged on current models.

The increase, they cite, would have to do with the need for additional joints for the glass covers of the device with an OLED screen, different from the current LCD (which is less fragile).

All of this, I imagine, must also have to do with the fact that the Incio (Home) stay embedded / hidden in the screen of the new iPhone, since all rumors indicate that its screen occupies the entire front. The, in addition, is rooted for Apple to be able to incorporate in it also the Touch ID sensor.

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