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Apple's new data center would be “too big just for iTunes”

More than a year after checking out that aerial video from Apple's new data center in Maiden, North Carolina (United States), the FOX Charlotte visited the place and was impressed with the magnitude of the thing. It "too big just for iTunes," they say.

As we already know, this new data centers on a planned expansion to double it in size, not to mention an additional area close to it that Apple already has at its disposal for future installations. Undoubtedly, such infrastructure does not only serve for the sale of content through the store, they mention music in the report, but even considering apps, movies and series, there is still nothing very extraordinary for downloads on demand.

Apple may even have bigger plans for this data center like migrating the entire MobileMe to it, perhaps making it free and / or launching a new, refurbished version that is more user friendly, in addition to the much-rumored competitor rumor for Netflix . But the great tchan The thing should happen even when Mac OS X and iOS start exploring more and more cloud computing resources, something expected for both 10.7 Lion and the fifth version of Ma?s mobile operating system.

Although it is no longer operational, even partially, this new data center will start operating at full steam later this year. In other words, news come to

(via Apple 2.0)