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Apple Watch Series 6: Leak reveals oxygen monitor and Kids mode

The leaks continue and now the Apple Watch news is revealed

The source code leaked from iOS 14, which revealed several new features being developed for iPhones and iPads, such as a new home screen, application fitness and full support for trackpads, also contains a series of indications of the features and improvements that may be made available on the Apple Watch Series 6 and watchOS 7.

To kill the curiosity, we brought the main news that will arrive this year to the smart watch from Apple.

Blood Oxygen Detection

According to the 9to5Mac website, the source code for iOS 14 that leaked last week reveals that Apple added the ability to detect blood oxygen to the heart's monitor Apple Watch this year.

As with heart rate monitoring, the Apple Watch alert when it detects that the oxygen level is below the recommended level (in general, 80%), as a prolonged period of low oxygenation in the blood can cause respiratory or cardiac arrest and lead to more serious sequelae, mainly in the brain.

The Low Baths alert is one of the health features of the Apple WatchThe Low Baths alert is one of the health features of the Apple Watch

It is not yet clear whether this feature will be exclusive to the next Apple Watch or will also be made available for current models through a system update.

Sleep Monitoring

The new application Sleep for sleep monitoring it was even leaked by Apple itself last year, so it's no surprise that more information has been discovered by 9to5Mac. According to the website, users can set sleep goals in the app Sade and you will receive recommendations on how to get a good night's rest.


The functionality of Electrocardiogram (ECG) has been present on the Apple Watch since the Series 4 model, but Apple must fill a gap in this feature with watchOS 7: the inability to perform the measurement when the user's heart rate is between 100 and 120 bpm.

Electrocardiogram on Apple Watch Series 5Electrocardiogram should be more accurate on watchOS 7 and arrive in Brazil soon

It is worth remembering that the ECG is not yet available in Brazil, but that Apple has already submitted the device for approval by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), which regulates this type of equipment, so the resource can be released here in the coming months.

Mode Kids

Moneyed parents will be able to pair and control their children's Apple Watch from a single iPhone, says 9to5Mac. The resources of this mode Kids include managing trusted contacts, selecting the music included in the watch, and defining which apps and complications will be available during children's class time or tasks.

Infograph Pro

The next version of watchOS should bring a new display, called Infograph Pro, whose main differential is the inclusion of a tachometer. Today watchOS 6 already has two other dials of the same line, the Infograph and the Infograph Modular.

The Omega Speedmaster watch has a tachometer around the dial. Source: Tommi SelanderThe Omega Speedmaster watch has a tachometer around the dial

Present on the outermost edge of several analogue watches, especially the most luxurious, the tachometer helps to calculate the average speed at which a given distance has been covered. For this, it is necessary to know the distance that will be crossed, for example, 1 kilometer. Then, start the stopwatch and start walking it. When arriving at the destination, just stop the count and check the value indicated by the arrow on the tachometer.

How this will be implemented on the display is still a mystery, but it is somewhat strange to imagine that Apple would leave the speed calculation in the hands of the user, instead of simply presenting the information.


Another new dial, the International, contains illustrations of several national flags – including the Brazilian one, according to the leak – but it is still not possible to say whether there is any other specific functionality of this dial.

New International dial discovered by 9to5MacNew International dial features country flags


The Photos dial, which as the name delivers, allows you to set a personal photo as the background image behind the clock hands to gain the ability to select photos from local and shared iCloud albums. Currently only a single photo can be set on the display, but with watchOS 7, when choosing an album, the photos in that album will be automatically rotated as a background.

Apple Watch Photos DisplayApple Watch Photos Display Should Win Album Support

Share watch faces

A somewhat curious addition to watchOS 7 is the possibility of sharing personalized watch faces by the user. The feature does not seem to be the long-awaited support for third-party displays, but just a way to customize the current displays with the user's preferred colors and complications and send them to friends and family.

Control Center

Two new shortcuts should appear on the Control Center Apple Watch from watchOS 7: Sleep mode (to activate sleep monitoring) and Noise Detection (to turn this feature on / off).

Apple Watch Control CenterApple Watch Control Center has new functions: Sleep and Rudo

Release of watchOS 7 and Apple Watch Series 6

In general, new versions of watchOS are officially released by Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held annually in California in June. This year, due to the pandemic caused by the new COVID-19 coronavirus, the event is not in person, but broadcast entirely over the internet.

It is possible that not all leaked news will reach the final version of the operating system that will be distributed to consumers, since Apple's plans may change until then. In addition, part of these features can be reserved for the Apple Watch Series 6.