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Apple releases iOS 10.0.2 and fixes the problem of the new EarPods with Lightning connector

We recently commented on some of the problems that have arisen on iPhones 7/7 Plus. One of them dealt specifically with the new EarPods with Lightning connector.

According to some user reports, the headphones stopped working after being connected for some time; most continue to play music, but the wire control (for volume adjustment, activation of Siri, answering calls, etc.) stopped responding. Because Apple tried to run to fix this and already released the iOS 10.0.2 (build 14A456) for users of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch even because you can use the new headphones on any Apple device with the Lightning connector, as long as it is running on the 10 version of the mobile operating system.

iOS 10.0.2

In addition to this problem, iOS 10.0.2 also fixes another one that caused Photos to close for some users when activating the iCloud Photo Library.

The update is available from both the device itself (General Software Update Settings) and iTunes (just connect the iGadget to your computer and open iTunes so that the update alert appears).

There is also the option to download the compilation manually, here are the download links: