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Apple received a secret national security letter from the United States in the second half of 2016; Brazilian government orders significantly increase

Since 2013, Apple has published a semiannual Government Information Requests Report (Report on Government Information Requests). We brought some updated numbers just over a year ago, and yesterday, Apple released the PDF for second half of 2016.

The big highlight, this time, goes to a secret national security letter (National Security Letter, or NSL probably sent by the FBI or the NSA) that Apple received from the US government the first in its history without being classified as "confidential". Obviously, we have no details of her content.

Still on the United States, from the first to the second half of 2016 the total number of orders fell from 4,822 to 4,254, but the number of devices involved (since a single order can involve several devices) almost doubled, from 10,260 to 20,013 a Apple provided information on 3,335 orders (78%). In the second half of 2015, just as a means of comparison, there were 4,000 orders involving 16,112 devices.

We also have, in the report, numbers about the Brazilian government. There were 132 requisitions in the second half of 2016, involving 1,194 devices 76 of them (58%) served by Apple. The numbers have been growing well: in the second half of 2015 there were 55 requisitions and 357 devices; in the first half of 2016, a total of 78 requisitions and 591 devices.

Those who want can check these and other numbers in the Apple PDF.

via CNET