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Apple Park is now all in 3D on Apple Maps, but analysis shows that it still has a lot to learn with Google Maps

In mid-March, Apple updated its map data including its new headquarters in Cupertino, the Apple Park including with 3D representations by the Flyover feature.

Now, Apple Park can already be seen from there in traditional 3D view, in all its magnitude.

Not only are the main ?spaceship? highlighted, but also the Steve Jobs Theater, the adjacent garages and buildings that are also part of the new campus. D, including, to see the internal paths for pedestrians.

Apple will update its own maps with details of its headquarters to a minimum, however. A thorough analysis published this week by Justin OBeirne shows that, even years after its launch, Apple Maps continues to leave much, much to be desired in relation to Google Maps.

OBeirne wrote a script who took monthly screenshots of certain areas on both map services and observed a steady evolution from Google, but little by Apple. And that, of course, considering that Google * is * already light years ahead in this field.

I don't even have to go very far: more than three years ago, an important connection was opened between my street and one of the main avenues in Salvador, and even today it is not on Apple Maps. I use this route absolutely every day, which makes it impossible for me to even try using Apple Maps around here.

I made this same criticism here on the site a long time ago and I even got contacted by people from Apple, not to mention the countless times that I reported the error through Apple Maps itself. Nothing happened. And do you know how long it took for the same route to appear on Waze? Two days.

via AppleInsider, MacStories