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Apple Music trial period is no longer free in some countries

Since it was originally launched in more than 100 countries, the Apple Music account with a free period (trial) of three months. There were few exceptions, such as Ireland and the Netherlands, in which this period was only a month.

However, in a few days, however, some countries that previously followed the world standard no longer have this free period. Now, even for those who want to try Apple Music in Australia, Spain or Switzerland need to pay 99 cents local currency.

It is difficult to say whether the change has to do with any local law in these countries or is just a strategic / commercial adaptation by Apple, because in those same places competitor Spotify also charges 99 cents for its period trial.

This is a rare case where we should celebrate for * not * being on the cake. Yes, in Brazil the testing period remains free as well as in the United States.

via MacRumors