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Apple finally opens internal quality program to exchange iPhones with oxidation defects in the case [atualizado]

We covered this problem for the first time almost a year ago, still at the time of the iPhone 6s. A while later we went back to the case, informing that Apple had really decided not to exchange the affected devices alleging ?cosmetic damage? which, obviously, led several to resort to justice.

It took a long time, but we have good news. Apple finally went on to officially recognize the oxidation problem in iPhones housings and opened an internal quality program, sort of like a "recall".

Briefly: yes, if you have an iPhone with oxidizing housing / peeling paint (aka #PeelGate) can now exchange it for free at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center, even if the device is no longer under warranty. According to the feedbacks we received, however, the AASPs are not yet informed about the program.


The annoying part that, at least for now, the quality program seems only cover iPhones 6s / 6s Plus. And this is a problem because, as we reported here on the site a few months ago, there are already a few cases of owners of iPhones 7/7 Plus with the same problem.

Still, the hardest has yet been achieved that Apple will admit the problem and take steps to resolve customer cases without pushing the blame on them, let alone giving this unacceptable verdict of "cosmetic damage". Now they just wait for the quality program to be extended to other models, including Apple Watches, which use the same 7000 series aluminum.

O MacMagazine awaits an official statement from Apple Brazil's press office on the subject. If we receive, we will update this article.

tip from Lucas Alves

Update 05/30/2017 s 19:31

We have received countless feedbacks from readers in these little more than 24 hours since the original publication of the post, and a shame as the 0800 from Apple Brazil still passes discrepant information depending on who serves you.

In general, contrary to what we found with sources and with the 0800 number (!), The attendants are now saying that * there is * no open quality program. Even so, practically all customer requests are being met / evaluated, based on the request to send reports and photos of the devices by email.

As this is a very delicate case, even if a recall public will be announced in the future by Apple, yet each case will have to be analyzed separately by company specialists before the exchange is approved because there are, of course, certain cases that do not apply as a manufacturing defect.

If you have an iPhone 6s / 6s Plus with this problem, run for your rights and do not give up if an 0800 operator denies your claim on a first try.