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Apple and Nokia sign deal in all their patent disputes and Withings products will return to Apple stores [atualizado]

This Tuesday, the Apple officially announced that it has entered into an Nokia, ending all its legal disputes related to intellectual property.

After Apple alleged a conspiracy in patent licensing fees in December 2016, Nokia filed several lawsuits against Apple, including a fight for 40 patents in 11 different countries. Soon after the event, the products Withings were removed from Apple's online and physical stores worldwide.

Withings logo - part of Nokia

The new ?multiple-year? agreement brings an apparent happy ending to the story:

This is a significant agreement between Nokia and Apple. This changes our relationship with Apple from adversaries in court to business partners, who work for the benefit of our customers.

Maria Varsellona, legal director responsible for Nokia patent licensing.

According to the statement, this agreement will cause Nokia to provide Apple with "certain network infrastructure products and services", including the return of health products previously under the Withings brand to Apple stores both online and physical. As a result, it was also mentioned that the two companies "are exploring future collaboration in digital health initiatives".

With this news, Nokia's shares have already risen about 6% and this will probably also positively affect its annual revenue, in addition to bringing benefits to Apple itself (starting by not wasting any more time with this dispute). The details / numbers of the agreement itself were not disclosed.

Happy ending, anyway (we hope)!

Update by Rafael Fischmann 07/19/2017 s 12:08

As expected, Withings Nokia products are again sold by Apple.

Nokia at Apple

Already in the American store Nokia Body Cardio Scale, a Nokia Body + Scale, O Nokia Thermo Thermometer it's the Nokia BPM + Blood Pressure Monitor.

via MacRumors