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Apple and Amazon join Foxconn to acquire Toshiba's chip business

According to Reuters announced, the president of Foxconn, Terry Gou, told the Nikkei Business Daily that Apple and the Amazon would be interested in acquiring the chip making from Toshiba.

The buzz that Ma was intent on acquiring Toshiba's semiconductor factory that focuses on memories flash appeared in March this year. A month later, Apple reportedly offered $ 27 billion for the deal in order to defeat any other interested party for good. After rumors arose about a possible interest from Foxconn in this same business, some evidence pointed to the two companies joining forces in order to achieve the same purpose, they are longtime partners.

Now, Gou himself has confirmed this to the Japanese newspaper, saying that they have submitted an offer for Toshiba's chip business with several strategic partners at the appropriate time. The Foxconn president also said that both Apple and Amazon are offering money together, but that he could not comment on how much each company is contributing to the business.

Toshiba is one of the largest manufacturers of NAND memories in the world, after only Western Digital and guess what! from Samsung. Some rumors have suggested that these chips are "threatening" the production of Apple products, including the "iPhone 8"; therefore, since Toshiba is one of Ma's main suppliers, it would benefit greatly if it manages to have a share of this business.

In spite of this, it seems that the Japanese government is not at all happy, since it does not agree much with foreign companies making chips and has threatened to block any kind of agreement that could ?risk transferring the technology abroad?.

All of this can give us something to talk about and end up harming Ma in the Land of the Rising Sun. Still, it is hoped that some kind of agreement will be made so that one of the biggest powers in NAND chips will not leave Japan. Even if Foxconn, Apple and the company managed to ?only? 20% of the business as rumors claim, they would get enough of a share to have priority in production.

via 9to5Mac