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AOL's new email client for iOS promises a different experience through cards

At the end of last year, the AOL released the Alto Mail, an email client bet with inspirations that somewhat resemble Inbox (from Google). Despite that, the ideas were great, but as the TechCrunch he said, it wasn't 100% yet. Because AOL has just released a more refined version of the app and promises to change the way you interact with your emails, making the whole process much more intelligent and practical.

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Alto is an email client like many we already see, but with its particularities. As in others, it is possible to add several email accounts from Google, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL Mail, etc. The Inbox, at first, looks exactly like any other customer's, with emails aligned one below the other and with the same functions. However, Alto has a very interesting resource that transforms some information such as reservations and purchase receipts into Cartes (Cards).

With the cards, you can already see the relevant information from that email from the Inbox and you can also choose different actions based on the type of card you have. For example, an ?Order Uber? option appears on cards that have flight information or hotel reservations. If you see any email that you would like to be a card, you can suggest it in the option It should be a card within the email; thus, contributing to the improvement of the app.

Cards can also be viewed grouped in the Dashboard option (Dashboard), which is an area similar to the Notification Center that we know well on iOS / macOS. With the help of your calendar, the Panel shows you the cards according to the day and the schedule of each one.

In addition, the Alto organized by Pilhas (Stacks); that is, in addition to the groups / folders you have in your email (read, sent, favorites), you have options to view only photos, files, purchases, trips, social media emails and more.

Alto is available both on the App Store and on Google Play completely free of charge, but there is a possibility that, in the future, they will generate profit from brands and companies that wish to take advantage of this card interaction feature more.

(via TechCrunch)