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And finally came Allo, the new messaging app from Google [atualizado]

In May, Google announced at I / O 2016 two new communication apps: Duo and Allo. The first, a direct competitor to FaceTime, has already been launched and is available to anyone who wants to try it out. J o Allo, a smart messenger, took a little while but just painted by the American App Store.

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As we know, Apple invested heavily in the new iMessage, which brought several improvements to the app on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. But Allo's features promise a very rich experience and this may end up somewhat overshadowing iMessage at least what the creators expect.

It appears that messengers are implementing new ways for users to express themselves. This, just like in the new iMessage (who came first?), In Allo it is also possible to send stickers (stickers), texts with a very large or very moist font, and make markings on photos directly from the app. Each has its peculiarities and way of using it, of course, but interesting to see where the messengers are going.

Allo's great differential is Skynet artificial intelligence in the form of a virtual assistant, which allows the user to accomplish much more without leaving the app. There are two ways to access the Google assistant: the first through a separate chat, as if you were a user; there, you can ask about anything as if it were a Google search and the result will appear to you within the app. The second way is to call the assistant in any conversation with any contact, just type @google and what you want to search for. For example, "@google Show me Japanese food restaurants" then a message from the wizard with the search result for all users to see appears in the conversation. This is incorporated into the conversation and can be maps, locations, images, videos, etc.

The great idea, however, as the Recode, the Google assistant ?joins? the conversation as if it were a user, which can cause confusion to the point where you no longer know whether Google or your friend is talking. In addition, the assistant is evolving and is not complete to help with this, you can give your feedback just by talking to her.

Another feature that Allo brings is Smart Answers. Frighteningly, the app can "learn" your message habits and suggest responses that you would normally give. An example of this would be the way you laugh in the message the app knows if you are more of the "kkk" or the "hahaha" and suggests exactly the most natural for you. Even more frighteningly, Allo can perceive the context and with whom you are speaking according to the BuzzFeed, the app suggests different responses if you?re talking to your loved one or your boss.

Google stores the information of the chats on its server (#medo), but in case you become a leader in this regard: Allo has an option of Annimo Mode. In this, there is end-to-end encryption and messages that can self-destruct in a time determined by you, as The Verge in this video.

The idea of ??Allo really very interesting, but is he going to overtake iMessage and Facebook sweethearts (WhatsApp and Messenger)? Let us wait for scenes from the next chapters.

As it is free and is already available both on the American App Store and on Google Play, I believe it won't hurt if we test it a little, right? ?

(via MacRumors)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 09/22/2016 s 19:15

Google Allo is now also available on the Brazilian App Store:

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(tip from Thiago Bernardo)