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Analysts approve iMac news and believe in gaining Apple's market share

The iMacs launched today have once again drawn the attention of analysts to Apple's potential in the PC market. For Maynard Um, from UBS, the new desktops can provide the company with the same growth rates registered in the launch of the last update of the line, carried out in the last year.

New front-facing iMacs

"Apple continues to add more value," said Um of the new iMacs, which are also Ma's most popular desktops, AppleInsider. In the last update of the line, there was a 23.7% growth in sales of computers in the category, so there is no reason to stop waiting for similar results this semester.

Similar comments also came from Computerworld after consultations with analysts Stephen Baker, from NPD, and Ezra Gottheil, from Technology Business Research. Both believe that the machine prices remain acceptable and, given the resources offered in the factory configurations, they should be very successful in the coming months.

In a last note to investors released by Forbes, Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities believes that the new iMacs will be the focus of users who purchase iGadgets in the coming months. "The important thing is to be the company's ability to continue to take advantage of the? Halo Effect ?from other releases and expand it to important countries like China, while enhancing the benefits of its digital ecosystem," he said.