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All set for our coverage of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017! Learn how to track the keynote

Five days from now the 2017 edition of Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple's big annual developer event. After a long time, it will be held again this time in the city of San Jose, California (USA) more precisely at the McEnery Convention Center.

WWDC itself runs from Monday to Friday (June 5-9) and is packed with lectures, workshops, hands-on labs and more for the approximately 5,000 participating developers from around the world. More than 1,000 Apple engineers stay at the event all week bringing content, giving tips and answering questions about all technologies, APIs and frameworks of the four major platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS).

For the rest of the world that does not participate in the event (not even remotely, due to the sessions that Apple publishes online in its Developer portal or in the official app of the event), the most important moment of the whole week happens in the morning of the first day. At 10 am in San Jose's local time (2 pm in Braslia), Apple will hold the WWDC opening keynote.

MacMagazine coverage

We are all ready to cover in detail this great event, the first for Apple in 2017. From 1:45 pm, we will be live on MM Live our platform live blogging for which we do point-to-point translation, in real time and in Portuguese, of everything announced in the keynote.

WWDC'17 MM Live

Whoever plays MM Live is writing to you, accompanied by Marcelo Melo, who is responsible for illustrating the coverage with some keynote images. Great for those who don't understand English well and / or are unable to follow Apple's video broadcast at the time of the keynote (after all, work hours for most of you).

We also made some initial comments about what is being announced there, of course one more reason for you to follow closely with us.

Apple Live Streaming

Fortunately, Apple has already confirmed that it will broadcast Live keynote, in video.

WWDC'17 Keynote

To watch it, Safari on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or higher, Safari 6.0.5 on a Mac with OS X 10.8.5 or higher, Microsoft Edge on a PC with Windows 10 or a Apple TV (second or third generation running Software 6.2 or higher, or the fourth generation model).

Her special channel is already working, on Apple TVs.

Detailed articles on the website

While the keynote is going on, Eduardo Marques together with Bruno Santana and Priscila Klopper, in addition to other collaborators on the site, are already working on separate and detailed articles on all the news. So, for those who cannot follow the event live, we will have countless posts published throughout Monday.

Remember that our coverage does not end at the end of the keynote, which usually lasts about two hours. It extends easily until late at night / early in the morning, not least because Apple does not comment on everything in the presentation itself and there are always other things going on later, such as the expected release of the first beta versions of the new operating systems.

Twitter Highlights

Twitter logo (bird)

To those who are very busy at the time of the event but do not want to miss the main highlights, we will most likely have some of the team posting the most important thing on our Twitter (@MacMagazine).

Coverage in tweets obviously very succinct, so as not to bog down the timelines others. ?

Wallet Tennis

It's tradition! ? As with all of Apple's last numerous special events, we have prepared a wallet ticket that will alert you when the keynote starts.

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WWDC'17 Tennis

MM Live

in MacMagazine

Rack for WalletRequires iOS 6 or higher Compatible with iPhones / iPods touch

Badge - Add to Apple Wallet

Or scan the following QR code through Wallet, tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, choose ?Scan Code? and point the camera:

QR code of WWDC'17 tennis racket

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So: prepared? At l, guys! ?