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After 74 glorious days, Pokémon GO is no longer the most profitable app on the American (and Brazilian) App Store

The king is dead, long live the king. After a reign of 74 days that seemed to extend for eternity, the throne of Pokmon GO has been misused: it is no longer the most profitable app on the American App Store.

In data collected by the analysis firm Sensor Tower, the new owner of the piece Clash Royale, from Supercell, which you should certainly know because of that horrible commercial with Marcelo Adnet.

Ranking: apps with more consecutive days as more profitable from the American App Store

In the Brazilian App Store, Clash Royale also outperformed the Nintendo characters game, but both are still below Spotify. The strategy game has released an update in the last few days with a battle mode and a series of new cards, which partly explains his rise to the top of the list.

The other explanation, of course, has to do with the fact that Pokmon GO had a lot of fun in the first few days or weeks of the game, but then it has nowhere near enough elements to keep players interested.

A clear sign of this is the fact that the game from Niantic and Nintendo was the fastest to reach 10 million downloads seven days, against nine from Clash Royale itself, but did not reach the record for most consecutive days at the top of the game list more profitable; this honor belongs to Clash of Clans, of the same Supercell, who spent 347 days reigning (and the second place of the sacred dinosaur Candy Crush Saga, with 109 days).

In spite of everything, it is too early to declare the death of Pokmon GO. The game remains # 1 on the American Google Play Store in profitability, and in App Stores in several countries like Britain, Australia and Portugal it also still retains the crown; in addition, Niantic has been offering constant updates to the app with interesting news for players.

And the version for Apple Watch is coming at the end of the year if anyone is still playing there, that's it.

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(via MacRumors)