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You asked, here are the new iOS 11 wallpapers for macOS High Sierra 10.13!

There is nowhere to run: even unconsciously, consumers / users tend to value something that changes visually and externally rather than for improvements in resources / technologies. And that applies to both hardware and software.

The initial reaction of many yesterday, with the announcement of iOS 11, says a lot of this: as nothing has changed visually (and this since iOS 7), an avalanche of criticism has fallen even though Apple has been serving orders made by users for years, how to allow the Control Center to be customized including a shortcut to Cellular Data.

I say all this because the level of excitement of some is simply because new wallpapers. No wonder that since yesterday we received tireless requests for links to download the background images that Apple placed in the first beta versions of both iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.

Well here you are, your order is an order:

The iOS version has 2706 × 2706 pixels; the for macOS, 2880 × 1494 pixels. That is, they should look good on almost any iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac where you want to use them.

Ready. ?

via iClarified, Reddit