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Without a partnership with Apple, Intel makes new processors available to tablet manufacturers

At the same time as ARM's embedded processors begin to enter the PC market, Intel is taking advantage of its privileged position in the industry to venture further into the tablet chip offering. Its new Oak Trail line has started to give rise to a series of competitors for the iPad, which will be selling from this month.

Fujitsu TabletFujitsu one of the first to use Intel Oak Trail chips in tablets

The new processors join the current Atom family as faster offerings compared to the Apple A5 and the ARM chips used in most tablets available on the market, with options up to 1.5GHz. The energy efficiency of the two categories has yet to be verified in comparisons, but the differential of the new product from Intel is in its possibilities of generating products more adapted to the needs of different companies.

For those with major security concerns, manufacturers like Fujitsu will offer features likeTrusted Platform Management, enabling advanced storage unit encryption functions that do not depend on individual application data protection, as is the case with iOS. Intel is also working on an implementation of its VPro technology, which will facilitate remote management of tablets.

Products based on Atom Oak Trail processors will have Android 3.0 or MeeGo (Intel's open operating system) as main platforms. Depending on the needs of other companies, Windows 7 is also available as an option.

(via Macworld)