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With Thunderbolt spreading across Macs, how soon will we see support for it on iGadgets?

cone - ThunderboltAnd lo and behold, yesterday (not surprisingly, of course) the Thunderbolt port arrived on the iMac, also as part of its update for this year. It is a matter of time before other Apple computers receive the new I / O interface, but what many users really want to know when we will see it in iGadgets.

Many complain about the time needed to sync iPads, iPhones and iPods touch connected to a USB 2.0 port. Editor MG Siegler, from TechCrunch, commented today a call made to Apple in which he discussed the matter with an attendant, but stated that the company has nothing to reveal again at the moment.

For rumors, this is the same as "we're working on it, but we don't want you to know anything about it." Despite that, we have to put our feet on the floor when we refer to Thunderbolt: it is going from one Mac to another in a few weeks, but there is no way of knowing if other PC manufacturers will do the same with their products. As with other transitions in the industry, there will be a time for the market to adapt to this novelty.

There are several accessories already available with support for Intel's new I / O interface, but the strong distribution of iGadgets around the world still require Apple to wait on the market reaction. HP was quick and has already promised to study the use of Thunderbolt, so other companies are expected to do the same later this year.

It seems like a lack of optimism, but hardware technology transitions need to be well thought out. Not least because Thunderbolt is already on track to become a thing of the past in a few years, with Intel already working on a successor for 2015, according to an article by PC World indicated by the reader Julio Cruz. Using silicon photonics, it will achieve transfer rates of up to 50Gbps, five times more than the current novelty that landed on iMacs and MacBooks Pro.