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Want to get to know the universe of The Witcher better? Navigate Continent on an interactive map

The Witcher universe, created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, is very rich in characters, relationships and social classes, but also in locations. Not to mention all your mythology and catalog of monsters. For those who loved the television series created by Netflix, which was created based on books and not games, you may feel a little lost when you mention some of the regions of The Continent, the place where action takes place.

Therefore, there is nothing like using an interactive map, which provides intuitive navigation, not only listing the locations mentioned in the episodes, such as characters and events. Each place presents several detailed descriptions, with curiosities and facts, as well as encounters with creatures, trying to portray the steps taken by the characters, including their biography.

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It should be noted that although based on the series, some of the elements are also shared with the games, so it is appealing to the general fans of the universe, including Easter eggs and secrets in their content.

The interactive map has a very appealing aspect, similar to the features provided by the author himself. You can navigate through a lower bar, use the search if you are looking for something in particular, or simply walk with the cursor on the map itself. It should be noted that the elements have links to each other, relationships between characters and actions, as well as locations.