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Walt Mossberg classifies Siri as “dumb”, “limited” and behind the competition

Let's go back for a moment to October 2011, when Apple announced, in the most downcast keynote in history (and not least, since at that moment Steve Jobs was very weak), the iPhone 4s and the Crab as one of its main novelties. At that time, Apple had all the advantage of pioneering spirit: none of its competitors had anything like it in terms of virtual assistants and it seemed that Ma would start with a good front to consolidate the leadership in the segment.


Today, five years later, we see that it really was not the case. Technologies from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other companies in the industry have outperformed Apple and its Siri, which, while trying to add new features and starting to accept third-party applications, is still behind competitors such as Google Assistant and Cortana.

As proof of this scenario not favorable to Apple, the columnist of the The Verge and one of the most influential voices in the technological world Walt Mossberg yesterday published an article criticizing Siri and Apple's efforts in the area of ??the virtual assistant.

Mossberg began by listing a series of basic questions, such as "When's the next presidential debate?", Which the assistant to Ma was unable to answer while her competitors behaved as they should. He then pondered how Apple is in the business and probably will not be able to recover from the great battle of artificial intelligence that will surely be the next big thing in the tech world if it doesn't move urgently.

() But, in its current incarnation, Siri is too limited and unreliable to be an effective weapon for Apple in the coming war of artificial intelligence. And it seems to be stagnant. Apple didn?t become big simply by following the data of what consumers were doing; it has become big by surprising consumers with feats that they did not expect. The AI ??revolution will demand even more of this.

The columnist said nothing about Siri's new integrations with third-party services, but his text is justified. It is like. And look, he is talking about an interaction in English, the native language of the assistant. If we, Portuguese speakers, talk about our negative experiences with the service, we will certainly have to write a novel in six volumes, at the very least.

In fact, it is time for Apple to move effectively to have a prominent position in this battle.