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Waiting for the Spotify app for Apple TV? You can get a chair, according to a company engineer

The notorious and recurring changes in the average Apple and Spotify since the launch of Apple Music, it is more than a clear sign that the relationship between the two companies is not the most friendly. Anyway, if you still had any hope that an application of the greatest service streaming of the world to paint for your fourth generation Apple TV in the near future, sorry, but I'm here to break your heart.


Actually, not exactly me, but Spotify engineer and project leader Samuel Erdtman. On a chat page to request new features for the service, on GitHub, some users raised the possibility of making the Spotify SDK compatible with tvOS, but the conversation was soon ended by Erdtman: the engineer said that support Apple TV was "downgraded" at the company.

The prospect of supporting tvOS has been downgraded; you should not expect a new version compatible with the platform in the near future. Sorry about that.

The reasons for such a decision can be several and will certainly be a reason for speculation for the next few days; the very nature of the relationship between Apple and Spotify can, in a way, explain the snub on the part of the Swedes. It is known that they do not like the new model of passing on profits from subscriptions to the App Store, let alone the fact that Apple has blocked links to subscribe to the service outside the application itself, so we already have some very plausible suspicions.

That is, at least in the foreseeable future, owners of Apple TVs who subscribe to Spotify who want to listen to music on their televisions will have to settle for using AirPlay on their iPhones or iPads, which, in reality, is not such an absurd requirement, no same?

(via MacRumors)