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Vine creators announce new live streaming app, Hype

As we reported here last week, Twitter announced the end of the app Vine and, of course, the app?s creators were not very happy with the news. However, it seems that they will recover well because they just launched their new application: o Hype.

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Being a hybrid of Periscope with Snapchat, Hype brings some new elements by video that will probably be appreciated by users. The main focus of the application will allow anyone to easily create a live broadcast, while simultaneously showing their video and other media elements on the screen.

These elements can be moved anywhere on the screen, played forward or backward from other elements and be the size you want. In addition, you can add texts, images, GIFs, videos and even music from your streaming library. Another very cool possibility is to select several images and / or videos to form a presentation of slides, which can even be used for more noble reasons like video lessons.

When you are online and several people are already watching, they can touch an element and send "little stars" to show that they liked that content. The comments are shown in small little boxes in the corner of the screen and whoever is broadcasting can select a specific comment to add it to the screen for everyone to see.

After the transmission is over, you will have the video in your library and you can choose to make it available or not replay on your Hype profile. If you do this with several videos, they will play them all in a row, just like Snapchat.

I will not make any joke ready with the name of the app, but it is likely that Hype will have some difficulty in winning over fans; even so, Vine's fame can help a little in this task. Not to mention that, for sure, the other giants that have been in this race for a while will not stand still watching the app grow.

Hype is available, for now, only for iOS and you can login using both your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

[via 9to5Mac]