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Video: see how the Apple machine for calibrating iPhones screens works

We recently announced here on the website that, very soon, outsourced assistance may finally swap iPhone screens and it was confirmed, shortly after, that the Brazil is (!) on the cake of the initial 25 countries which will participate in Apple's new initiative to unburden its official stores.

We had already shown, in the previous post, photos of the machine called "Horizon Machine" , but now we bring you an internal Apple video that instructs Authorized Service Center on how to use it. The trambolhuda bug: only 34.3 × 45.7 × 39.1cm, weighing 41.7kg!

As you can see, the video is duly subtitled in Portuguese and the MacMagazine he also found that national technical assistance also received detailed manuals on how to change the screens of iPhones. In other words, all this should not take long to be put into practice.

Great news for us, consumers. ?