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Tim Cook asks U.S. schools to start teaching code at a meeting with Trump; president talks about immigration and technology in government

Tim Cook there may be a good deal of political divergence with Donald Trump, but that does not mean that the executive does not participate in meetings with the president and other leaders of the technology sector to discuss the most varied subjects.

The first was before the billionaire took office; now, Silicon Valley figures have joined him again at his Trump Tower to talk about, among other topics, immigration, teaching code in schools and the application of technologies in government operations in the newest ?Innovation Office? of gesture of the republican.

Tim Cook and Donald Trump

The main objective of the meeting, according to the Recode, was to discuss ways of introducing technologies in the governmental segments to reduce costs and modernize the operation of the State. To this end, Trump gathered important names from the area like Cook, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Eric Schmidt (Google / Alphabet) and Ginni Rometty (IBM); according to the president, the technology employed by the American government is far below that developed by the private sector and changes are needed to promote better services to citizens, in addition to greater security against cyber attacks initiatives that, in general, could potentially save $ 1 rail in ten years, according to Trump.

As part of this introduction of technology in governmental aspects, Cook suggested to the president an agenda that is very dear to Apple: code education in schools. The CEO said that encouraging children to learn the ?language of the future? is crucial so that, eventually, the government can have a large number of employees using these technologies in practice and of course, being Cook, he could not fail to mention initiatives of the Apple for this purpose, such as Swift Playgrounds.

In addition, Cook defended the vital need for users' security and privacy as a pillar of American democracy, and called for human rights to continue to be treated as a priority including in immigration cases. On this subject, one of the most controversial points of his mandate so far and the result of great disagreements with the heads of technology, Trump guaranteed that companies will not be harmed by his most severe policies against the arrival of immigrants to the United States.

We are working hard with everyone, including Congress, on the problem of immigration so that you can get the people you want for your companies.

For some reason, the most controversial issue of the moment in relation to the Trump administration was apparently not even mentioned: at no time was the US exit from the Paris Agreement, which attracted severe criticism from around the world including Cook himself and others executives present at the meeting. It is speculated, however, that this is exactly the reason why two fundamental names of Silicon Valley did not make their presence felt at the meeting: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, and Elon MuskTesla did not show up for (officially) undisclosed reasons.

Finally, to unwind, let?s stay with tweet below:

When Siri, Cortana and Alexa have no answers.

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