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The best apps and games of the year according to Apple

The year is ending and, with that, a selection of the best apps and games of the year could not be missing. The announcement was made by Apple itself at a special event in New York City, focused precisely on announcing the best in each category.

This selection was made for all the company's platforms, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, in addition to a category of trends, which shows what the winners share similarities. It also has a list of the most downloaded, which is different for each country.

In ours, WhatsApp is in first place, followed by Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. In the US, the list differs, led by YouTube and followed by Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook Messenger.

To see the best of the year in more detail, read on in our article and don't forget to also check out our list of the best games available on Apple Arcade.

1. Best iPhone app: Specter Camera

We started the list of the best apps and games of the year with Specter Camera, an excellent camera app, with incredible features, which uses artificial intelligence to detect where you are and automatically optimize images.

In crowded places, it erases everyone. Rivers, waterfalls, waterfalls, it automatically focuses on the water. It also allows you to create live photos and detects when using trips, in addition to using AI to stabilize the photos. To see more, go to the website.

specter camera best apps and games of the year.

2. Best iPad app: Flow

This application has a very simple functionality, but it was so well implemented that it won a place in the best apps and games of the year. It allows the user to make drawings through his iPad and is also noted for being compatible with Apple Pencil.

In it, you can draw infinitely, without having to create new documents. You can also create your own drawing tools. In addition, you can hide the interface while drawing. Other options include choosing the color of the paper, defining whether the paper has a grid – like a notebook – or not, among others. Interested? Follow the link at the App Store.

3. Best app for Mac: Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is an excellent app that deserved its place on the list of best apps and games of the year. It offers the possibility for anyone who wants to enter the world of design to do so in a simple and practical way.

an app originally made for professional designers, but with simple tools and user interface. Its features that allow all types of work, no matter how advanced (or basic) it is. Go to the Mac App Store to see more.

4. Best Apple TV app: The Explorers

This application was developed to support the community of explorers, scientists and artists who want to reach a common target: to create a ?visual stock? of the natural world through photos and videos.

It can also be used by people who do not fit into the above categories, but who are curious and like to discover all the records made to understand more of the world around them. To download it, go to the store via your Apple TV.

the explorers

5. Trends across apps of the year: Storytelling, simplified

In addition to the best apps and games of the year, Apple launched a list of types of apps that are trending during 2019. This year there was a large presence of apps that facilitate the act of telling stories, either by photos or by writing. The famous storytelling.

The apps on this list are Anchor (Anchor FM), Canva: Stories & Video Maker (Canva), Unfold (Unfold Creative), Steller (Expedition Travel Advisor), Spark Camera (Dayworks), Over (Over, Inc) and Wattpad (Wattpad Corp), some of which we even covered in our photo writing app article.

6. Best iPhone game: Sky: Children of the Light

This app developed by an excellent company, the thatgamecompany, which launched the famous Journey. It repeats certain features of the previous game, such as art direction and beautiful scenarios, which encourage you to fully explore them.

It is available for iOS, iPad and iPhone devices, as well as appearing on the Apple Arcade service, Apple's competitor to the Google Play Pass, available for Android. To download it, go to the store.

Sky: Children of the Light best apps and games of the year

7. Best game for iPad: Hyper Light Drifter

Another of the best apps and games of the year is Hyper Light Drifter, a game full of action that also features a beautiful setting and very active gameplay, reminiscent of the classic action and adventure in 16-bit.

The game is available for download (for R $ 18.90) on the App Store, for both iPhone and iPad. You can also find it on Steam, where you can buy it to play on your Mac.

8. Best game for Mac: GRIS

This game that mixes puzzle elements with an extremely satisfying platform, both to play and to appreciate your art – at least it was nominated for several awards for artistic direction, including the The Game Awards 2019, a kind of ?Oscar of videogames?.

His story is captivating and explores elements such as hope, loss and the victory of being able to rebuild a life after countless losses, but without involving any type of violence. To download it, go to the Mac's App Store.

Gris best apps and games of the year

9. Best Apple TV game: Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap

We still have this game in Apple's selection of the best apps and games of the year. It is a remake of the game inspired by the classic series of games of the same name, released in the 80s for Sega consoles.

It is very similar to the original, but it is still worth playing, considering that both the animation and the soundtrack were remade from scratch, resulting in a better experience. To download it on your Apple TV, go to the store.

10. Game trends of the year: Classics reimagined

That year, the developers preferred a slightly different way of innovation, by remaking classic games and rethinking them, using the newest technologies to try to improve them, ensuring greater quality and depth.

Titles like Mario Kart Tour, Dr. Mario World, Minecraft Earth, Pokmon Masters and Assassins Creed Rebellion are not just tributes or mere remakes, but original games that have given new life to the greatest franchises in the history of games.

11. Best game for Apple Arcade: Sayonara Wild Hearts

This is the first year that this category is on the list of the best apps and games of the year, as this platform was recently launched, being an addition to the Apple product ecosystem.

This title was nominated for several awards, such as best mobile game, best art direction and best soundtrack, whose premise is sword duels with characters mounted on motorcycles. To see more about it, go to the App Store.

Sayonara Wild Hearts best apps and games of the year

What did you think of Apple's selection of the best apps and games of the year 2019?

Leave in the comments if you already used any of these excellent applications or played any of the wonderful games included here, in addition to commenting if you think you had any better option than Apple did not consider.