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The 10 best IPTV options on the market

IPTV is an excellent way to watch television through devices such as smartphones, computers and Smart TVs, and can use several different applications for this. Many of the best IPTV options offer resolutions up to 4K, for the most part.

If you are interested in a subscription TV plan, but do not know which one to choose, it is an excellent idea to reconsider and get to know some of the best IPTV options, which can replace the other alternative.

Check it out below!

1. Kodi

We started our list of the best IPTV options with an app for reproducing the lists, but which does not have any channel of its own, which we have already covered in another article. It has a version for every device imaginable and is one of the best alternatives for media management in general.

Kodi has numerous addons for adding channels, such as Crackle and Google Drive, so you can watch whatever you want. It also has different themes, to make the appearance as you wish, all completely free of ads. To download, follow the link to the official page.


2. Perfect Player

Perfect Player is another option for playing IPTV lists, which is available for Windows, Linux, Android and Chromecast. It supports all the most common list formats, so you can watch whatever you want without any problems.

It has several different decoders, accepts several plugins to improve the experience and also has a premium version without advertisements. Follow the link to download.

3. Gears TV

The first of the best IPTV options that really list, Gears TV. This alternative has American, English and Canadian channels only, without any Brazilian or subtitles. Therefore, ideal for those who speak English and are interested in international channels.

It has more than 400 channels, all in HD, in addition to guaranteeing access to all the biggest sports in the USA, such as basketball and football. If you are interested in this option, go to the official website.

4. The Players Klub

Players Klub is another excellent option for English speakers, which has more than 4000 channels, all with Pay-Per-View, in addition to access to VODs and EPG, so that you are always on top of all the programs that come to the air.

It is extremely inexpensive, with excellent quality for most channels, almost freezes or slows down and has very good support. If you want to purchase any of the plans offered, go to the official website.

The Players Klub best IPTV options

5. IPTVBlack.TV

IPTVBlack.TV is one of the best IPTV options for Brazilians, with access to over 18,000 channels in the basic plan (unfortunately, without subtitles) or more than 21000 channels in all other plans, which also include subtitles. It offers resolutions of up to 4K in the best shots or up to 1080p in the simplest shot.

To access the service on more than one device, it is necessary to pay a high fee, almost equal to the price of the plan; for example, the basic costs R $ 29.90 per month and to add another device, you must pay an additional R $ 20.00. To see more, go to the official service page.

6. Secure IPTV

Secure IPTV is another excellent IPTV list alternative, with more than 20 thousand channels in all its plans. Basically, the channels are only in SD and HD, while in the more advanced ones you also find FullHD and 4K.

It has three plans: Basic, Advanced and Special. The difference between the first two is the quality of reproduction; between the latter two, the Special has two access points, as opposed to only one in Avanado.

If the user wants to add more access points, an extra payment of R $ 20.00 per point is necessary, regardless of the plan. Go to the official website to see more.

7. 6Win IPTV

Another one of the best IPTV options is 6Win, which has more than 6000 channels in all plans, but which has a medium price. It has subtitled channels in several categories, such as cartoons, religious and sports, in addition to international channels.

In the basic plan, you have access to reproduction in up to FullHD, while in the others up to 4K; in the two most expensive plans, you have access to up to 2 points. Go to the official website to see more.

6Win best IPTV options

8. Core Play IPTV

Another of the best IPTV options is Core Play, which offers more than 20 thousand channels to the user. Your plan is very affordable, costing only R $ 24.00 per month and only R $ 15.00 per additional access point, with a limit of 9 points in total.

It has subtitled channels, program guide, possibility of use in browser, smartphone, tablets and many other devices. The resolution is offered up to 4K and has technical support from Monday to Friday, should you encounter any problems. Follow the link for more information.

9. Club IPTV

The last of the IPTV lists in our article is Club IPTV, which has more than 20,000 channels, including subtitles, international, sports, football, cartoons and many others. In it, you find two plans, the only difference being that the most expensive offers VODs.

It has resolution up to 4K, program guide and access on all platforms, ranging from desktops to smartphones and Smart TVs. Go to the official website to see more.

10. GSE Smart IPTV

The last of the items on our list is another IPTV player, which is available for Android and iOS. It offers support for Chromecast, for VOD playlists, for live playback (with automatic reconnection) and more.

In GSE, you will find several themes, the possibility to add subtitles for the contents and 31 different languages ??for the interface. To use, the user must provide the content itself, through M3U lists, among other formats. Download from the Play Store or the App Store.

GSE Smart IPTV best IPTV options

And, what did you think of our list of the best IPTV options?

Leave in the comments if you already used any of the services we mentioned or if you prefer any other. Also, say if you discovered any new, better than your current one and if you want to change. Don't forget to check out the best apps for watching TV on Android!