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Suppliers "confirm" that the "iPhone 8" will be waterproof, have a 3D camera and wireless charging

The rumored machine of "IPhone 8" is back. No, today's news does not involve any new features yet to be discussed; these are "confirmations" of hardware details of the device that were once widely ventilated by steel, but which now come out of the mouth of Apple suppliers, which gives a little more weight to the news, no doubt.

3D camera

Adam Lin, executive director of Largan Precision (a supplier of iPhones camera lenses), confirmed to the world today that the company will start shipping, from the second half of this year, lenses for 3D modules as reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

IPhone 7 Plus rear camera

What do these 3D sensors do? Simple: they allow the implementation of facial and iris recognition, opening up some possibilities such as, for example, authentication by these means or resources in some way linked to augmented reality, subjects widely discussed in rumors involving Ma's next generation of smartphones.

Of course, Lin did not confirm that these lenses were ordered by Apple. If he did something like that, he would be in big trouble. Still, as a good part of the lenses of iPhones come from Largan, just add one plus one to see that there is something.

waterproof and wireless charging

O Nikkei Asian Review he was also responsible for the second ?scoop? of the day.

At the company's annual meeting of shareholders, Robert Hwang (CEO of Wistron, who with Foxconn and Pegatron, one of Apple's major partners in the supply and assembly of iPhones) gave the following statement to journalists:

The assembly process of previous generations of (iPhones) has not changed much, although new features such as being waterproof and wireless charging now require a few different tests, and the waterproof function will slightly alter the assembly process.

Water resistance - iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

It's a statement that, at best, must have bothered Apple a lot.

Regarding the waterproof feature of the iPhone, it is always good to remember that iPhones 7/7 Plus are ?only? water resistant. Tests and more tests have already proven that the devices are well sealed and can handle much more than Apple promises. Still, it is there, in the company's marketing material, that the devices are water resistant which opens up a huge discussion about the real responsibility of the company in case any problem arises related to this. So, if the ?iPhone 8? is really waterproof (certified by Apple), the story is different.

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So, with a kiss, today we had three possible confirmations of details of the ?iPhone 8?. Yes, possible, because even though these "statements" came from the mouth of Apple suppliers, at this stage everything can still be pure speculation for a dozen reasons. But the chances that this is all true are great, there is no denying it.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors