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Sony announces it will launch five games from its franchises for iOS and Android by March 2018 [atualizado]

After Nintendo surprisingly took the stage for Apple's latest keynote to announce an unreleased partnership (which is already bearing more fruit) and the first Mario game off its own platforms, the competition certainly felt the weight of the move and resolved itself move too. THE Sony, at least.

PlayStation App on iPhones

The Japanese company announced, via CNBC, which will launch five games, based on its own franchises, to iOS and Android by March 2018. The titles will be developed by its subsidiary ForwardWorks, formed at the beginning of the year with the mission of developing mobile games with complexity and depth worthy of console titles.

The games will arrive, according to the company, primarily to Japanese and Asian markets in general, with a subsequent progressive launch in other regions just as it did, with results beyond positive, with Pokmon GO. It is not yet known which Sony franchises will be chosen for these initial five titles, but what we are sure that the Japanese will have to sweat a lot of shirt after all, the PlayStation maker certainly does not have any mythical and world-famous name like Mario or Pikachu, for example.

With the mobile gaming market growing more and more at the expense of traditional consoles (to the point that mobile games already grab more than half of the overall profits from video games in Japan), a strategy that is not only interesting, but absolutely crucial for the future of these companies. And who wins with all this are Apple and Google, who see their ecosystems, little by little, become the new big competitors also in the field of games.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 12/07/2016 s 18:28

THE Fortune today gave more information about Sony?s move into the mobile gaming market. Over the next year, six titles based on franchises of the Japanese company will reach iOS and Android among them, Everybody?s Golf, Arc the Lad and a remake of the fun PaRappa the Rapper.

As stated earlier, the games will first hit the Japanese market, then move on to other Asian countries before taking over the world. Taking over the world, of course, is a guess of mine here and quite optimistic considering the wide advantage of competitor Nintendo in the portable world (which will certainly take another giant leap next week).

(via iClarified)