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"Solution" to change HDDs of new iMacs for now is much worse than lack of space

Recently, an apparent limitation of the new iMacs was discovered: modifications made by Apple to its HDDs prevent new drives from being installed by users or companies that live from selling HDDs. Bu-, the end of the world. But human ingenuity, in its eternal journey to discover the solution to absolutely imaginary problems, has overcome this challenge: according to Other World Computing, it is possible to install a different HDD in these iMacs, but the adaptation is very complicated.

iMac opened by iFixit

In view of the customizations made by Ma on its all-in-one desktops, two problems arise when a user tries to change the drive: any HDD model installed, even those identical to the factory ones, failed in the Apple Hardware Test and, to make matters worse, fans stay at full speed forever.

How to get around this? Making two hard disk connectors short. Only a small side effect arises: the fans will stay at a minimum speed forever, as they do not receive information about the drive temperature (the iMac will think the bay is empty). How to circumvent this problem generated by the solution? Controlling the speed of the fans manually, through some utility that offers this function.

According to Hardmac, this short-circuit solution is the same used by Apple in the 2009 iMacs that were equipped with SSDs. They also explain that the customization of firmware made by Ma involves the use of a connector (which would normally transmit the information to turn on / off an activity indicator LED) to inform the temperature of the drive, something quite distant from industry standards.

In the end, the question remains: why would a user want to change the hard disk of an iMac? To have more space? Now, if it's a desktop, isn't it much easier to use an external drive? Do you really need all this to save files, movies, projects or whatever?

Even if it were to increase the capacity of a laptop, I would understand so much work, but of a desktop and just one whose HDD was never considered a part ?User serviceable? God, people sometimes like to do things standing on a net. : – /