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Sergey Brin guesses that only 20% of Google employees use Windows

Holy nonsense, Batman! In a world in which Windows is synonymous with the PC and where companies are so orthodox that many are not even out of XP yet, an estimate made by Sergey Brin about the adoption of the Microsoft operating system among Google employees is impressive: Brin, only 20% of Googlers use machines with Windows.

Googlers using MacBooks

Okay, not an "official" estimate. Except, unless this guess is completely alienated, it is surprising that the biggest internet company makes so little use of the most widely used operating system in the world. You will see these machines only serve to test compatibility with Internet Explorer.

But if not Windows, what drives Google employees' machines? A gallery of photos taken by 9 to 5 Mac during the I / O 2011 event, the tip is: computers whose name starts with ?Mac? and ends with ?Book?. Will they be replaced by Chromebooks in a year?

(via TechCrunch)